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Hideaway Home

We love the feeling of the mountains in the fall. For this home we wanted to create a space that embodies the intrigue, warmth and slight risk of an evening campfire in the woods. The home embraces a neutral color scheme inspired by the landscape around the home, using rich wood tones with more toned down greens, browns and grays. Though the home is inspired by nature, we made sure to give it a luxuriously modern twist. Our favorite feature in this home is the entertainment space in the lower level.

Snow Crest - 2024 UV Parade of Homes

The Snowcrest home is inspired by the quiet Woodland Hills winters. The mountain modern interior is cool and calming with the wonder of a snowy forested mountainside. The intended feeling of the home is quiet, contemplative, confident, serene. We achieved this through the use of dark blues, deep greens, calming neutrals and a variety of wood finishes, crystal glass accents, and unique textures throughout the home. Though it's winter inspired, we consciously designed it to be enjoyable through all seasons.

Mont Cafe' Au Lait - 2023 UV Parade of Homes

A carefully crafted blend of luxury and down to earth personalities come together in this home to compliment the mountain landscape. With sweeping views of Utah Valley and the dramatic mountains in Woodland Hills, this home was designed and built for Summit level living. Inside, you will see a delectable blend of the coziest materials and warm earthy neutrals with a hint of post modern energy sprinkled throughout. You will feel like sipping hot cocoa in your softest robe on a crisp fall morning, watching the sunrise before a day of adventure. 

Kitchen 3-2 different view.png
Rising Ridge - 2024 UV Parade of Homes

Inspired by mid-century modern era prairie style residences - this home has a timeless, yet spirited personality. Its warm inviting interior features accents of rich stained woods; ample natural lighting; and organic finishes that contrast with geometric shapes. The home has a spacious open floorplan that accommodates a resident who loves to host events, as well as the home body that can appreciate it's beauty in peaceful solitude. There are so many eye-catching moments in this home, at times we'll even find ourselves a little smitten.

great room.png
Sunny Fields - 2024 UV Parade of Homes

Showcased in the 2024 Utah Valley Parade of Homes, this home has all of the warm energetic charm that "Utahn's" are known for. The home is mainly transitional with a calming creamy color scheme complemented by varied greens. The home stretches across the landscape giving us sweeping long views down the hallways and across the interior. We highlighted these focal points wherever possible. This home is single level living, and with a medical professional for a client - we were sure to keep in mind ways to help with "aging in place". 

Master bath.png
Rustic Slopes

These clients have asked us to help create a home that embraces the local style of the home's ski-resort location, but also gives homage to their love for the sunny west coast ocean. We've achieved this result through careful selection of rustic or driftwood style wood finishes, and softened serene blues alongside sandy rustic hues. A home built to support a social lifestyle, the design features two bars and a wine cellar, two kitchens, a bunk room, 3 full sized suites, and incredible outdoor living space. 

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