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What Makes NVD So Delightfully Different?

We know there are a lot of options out there for design assistance. When it comes to hiring the right team for the job, we offer a design process that is exclusive to New View Design.

Many of our competitors offer only inspiration boards with vague descriptions and minimal revisions. After speaking with builders and subs in the industry, we have found that this way of design to be inadequate when working on highly custom projects, and can cause friction, delays, and miscommunications between parties. In contrast our unique design process is structured, clear and effective.  Here's a brief overview: 

Design Statement

To begin a project we work with our clients to create a design statement. This is a concise description of colors, themes, patterns, general aesthetic, and overall feeling that we want to achieve in the space. We use these guidelines to inspire our decisions throughout the project as we work to keep everything in line with the desired goals.

Design Boards

After meeting with our clients to gather their vision and inspiration, we compile all of our thoughts into one place. We then go through our ideas and add specifics. Our design boards will then be used as an added visual aid as we move toward construction documents. We show the exact light fixture, flooring, paint colors, and all of the specifics that will be needed to create the design, along with notes that clarify anything ambiguous. 

Technical Drawings

We then create detailed drawings of cabinets, millwork, ceiling plans, elevations, electrical fixture locations, and anything custom. This simplifies the process as we are able to think through all parts of the design and how they need to work together. These are helpful as we then meet with subs and suppliers to move things along more efficiently. We aim to keep our drawings detailed, tidy, and relevant to the details we are presenting to avoid confusion or potential for error.  

3D photorealistic rendering tours

We use our selections and drawings to then create 3D photorealistic renderings of the project that can be seen from virtually any angle. Our renderings are highly accurate, we take everything into account including lighting effects, shadows, reflections, finishes, textures etc. and we finally get to see how everything comes together. This unique tool helps us to refine our designs further to something really spectacular. Our 3D rendering tours are accurate enough to where we are confidently using these as references during the construction process. Builders and Subs both love the way they are able to communicate the design ideas without misunderstandings or language barriers.

Product selection sheets

At New View Design, we understand the complexity of custom build projects and the need to keep everything in order. This is why our selections are recorded with specific details like vendor, supplier, size, quantity, function, finish etc. and are broken into sections that relate in the building process and are ready to send off to the different companies to bid. This saves clients from the headache of meeting at multiple places to get comparable bids, and keeps everything organized and easily accessed in one place when questions arise on the jobsite. 

Project Management

When it comes to keeping the designs in line with our vision, it's nice to have an advocate on the jobsite that will work harmoniously with builders and subs. There are always questions and changes during the build, and without assistance, a few changes can wreak havoc on the designs if you aren't careful. We are the person that is most familiar with the designs all the way through, and we also speak the language of builders and subs.  Our job is to help the execution of our designs to go smoothly and offer educated advice about any changes that need to be made as we go along. 

Furnishings and Décor

When it comes to the final touches, we have the advantage of knowing the full picture of the project. We will offer furnishings that will compliment the interior selections to create a fully thought-out design. We know our clients goals, and have no ulterior motive in selling furnishings and décor, so we can truly offer unbiased advice on what will be the best for your desired aesthetic. We are your advocate as well to ensure that what is selected will be the best fit when it comes to lifestyle, use, and budget. 

We pride ourselves in providing the absolute best way of representing what our client's truly want their home to be, and our ability to make sure that our builders and subs job is as easy as possible, so the whole team is happy. The result has given us joyful relationships with our clients and build teams; repeat clients; award winning projects; and an excitement for innovating in the design and build world.

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