Meet Natalie Bills!

Lead Designer and co-owner at New View. She received a bachelors degree from the accredited Weber State University in Interior Design. There she learned how to design for a variety of projects including large commercial projects, and designing to the standards of the National Kitchen and Bath association. Working with hundreds of clients since 2012, she understands the need for visual tools to help clients and builders understand the project at hand. A member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), she maintains high standards of work ethic and keeps her education in design current and relevant. She loves the variety of working personally with homeowners and can help clients design within a budget - whether for a small project, or multi-million dollar manor. She loves a chance to think outside the box with design, and is a team player when working with subs, builders, and homeowners. Along with her passion for design, Natalie enjoys spending time with her husband and two Welsh Corgi’s. She loves everything outdoors, playing old Nintendo games, and spending time with her family and friends.



Meet Kelsey Williams! 

Kelsey has been designing and assisting with small projects since she was a young girl. Her father owned a Siding business that Kelsey regularly went and helped on his projects. Growing up in the world of construction it was almost inevitable that Kelsey did the same. After taking art and interior design classes in High School, Kelsey found her passion, and went to USU to pursue her Interior Design Degree. Kelsey moved back home to SLC in 2015 and started working in the tile and stone business, and quickly learned the language of flooring design.  She worked daily with installers, contractors, and clients on their unique projects. 


In 2020 she returned to school to receive her degree in Interior Design from SLCC, and found New View Design.  She has received additional training to work on custom home and commercial projects, and is confidently helping clients with our full-service design services. She has an eye for detail, and loves the creative process. Her formal education and experience in the construction industry have helped her be confident that she can handle all types of design problems. Kelsey is a joy to be around, and we are so happy to have her with us.



Meet Adam Bills! 

Rendering specialist and co-owner of New View. Adam graduated with a degree in Drafting from UVU, and has worked in the design industry since 2014. He got his start designing homes and worked out a way early on to find a way to use VR in the design process. He has been working on VR renderings since 2017, using the HTC Vive headset and video game technology to come up with the system we use today. Over time, he has tweaked the process to include the best photo-realistic renderings on the market. In addition to his passion for design and visualization, Adam creates custom loud speakers designed to look and sound amazing in your space. When we need a good laugh we can always count on Adam to brighten the day with the latest memes, puns, or dad jokes. He loves fishing, overlanding, hanging out with his dogs and wife, and playing online games with friends in his free time.



Meet Kristen!

When designers are out at job sites, or in meetings with clients - the show must go on, and Kristen is there to make it happen. She helps us keep track of all our orders, the schedule, and keeps up with all of our systems to make sure we run smoothly. You might see her at the front desk, or keeping all of our sampling and displays current and fresh. Kristen graduated with her bachelors degree in history, and has a rich love for all things art and music. She loves to spend time with her 4 beautiful children and loves cooking up masterpieces to share with friends and family.